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Tour Buganda At BHTB

At its founding, the Kingdom of Buganda had only a small territory consisting of the counties of Busiro, Busujju, Kyaddondo and Mawokota; as well as small portions of Ssingo and Bulemeezi counties. Most of the surrounding territory was the dominion of the kings of Bunyoro. There was considerable rivalry between Bunyoro and Buganda, and constant fighting over territory. Gradually, Buganda was able to expand its territory at the expense of Bunyoro until it grew in size to the twenty counties that constituted Buganda at its pinnacle. The islands of Ssese were autonomous within Buganda right from its founding, being reserved as the islands of the gods. They were not directly governed by the kings of Buganda until after the 1900 agreement.

We built this site for the Buganda tourism and heritage board with abasic google strategy and listing  it on local list directories like yellow Pages,  designed the package's brochure and managed their social media pages(designed social media banners ). They needed both a Content Management System. With their specific needs, it made more sense to use our custom CMS


Tour Buganda At BHTB