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Welcome to Just Creative Inc
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About Us

"Great at all things digital"

What makes us different Creativity

Just Creative makes websites, mobile apps, digital content, Search Engine Optimisation and online platforms for clients all around the globe. We love solving problems, developing solutions and coming up with creative and alternative that make a difference. We have a great track record and have helped companies reap the rewards of the Internet. 

We have a transparent development approach, our process is always clear with realistic deliverables. We always try to be open, fair and honest and never blind you with technical jargon or meaningless buzzwords. If you would like to make an impact with your branding then Contact us today and see how Just Creative can help transform your business.

We believe the key to success lies in our ability to support and establish mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our customers and that is how we designed our Customer Support program.

We have developed a unique team of highly trained creative and technical individuals who love nothing more than creating elegant IT solutions backed up by amazing technology.

We are proud of the strong relationships that we have established with our clients over a long period of time. We believe that Happy Clients are the bottom line of every successful business and we are SUCCESSFUL.

We would love you to come to success

Foundation of Just Creative

Formed this company with a dream to make a difference in the digital word.

27. Oct 2012

Solution Finders

Set up a highly qualified and passionate team to find IT solutions to the community problems

15. Jan 2013

Discussing Future

We are currently grabbing every opportunity so that by 2022, we are a leading IT company in Africa with a global ranking

1. Apr 2017